Online Acting Training

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Welcome to StageMilk's Online Training Platform

After running our successful online acting school (StageMilk Drama School) for the past year we realised the need for a more comprehensive online training platform for actors.

Sometimes actors don't have the time or money to commit to an 8 week program, but instead need answers right now! Our goal is build the largest resource of online learning programs for actors. Everything from how to nail to accent, to how to behave in a foyer. We already have one course live and many more on the way!

So what acting courses do we offer?

We offer a series of short courses that you can access straight away:

1. How to Become a More Confident Actor (Overcome fears and start acting with your instincts)

2. How to Get an Agent (A step by step guide to landing an acting agent) - COMING SOON

3. How to Audition (Everything you need to know to nail auditions) - COMING SOON